Tuesday, February 26, 2008

some explaination

Hey there. I'm Faine, and I keep a food blog. (This is just as lame as it sounds.) In my time that is not spent writing about delicious food, I like to travel. I have unlikely and curious ambitions of becoming a food writer (though I would settle for gentlewoman adventurer I guess) and along those line, I'm traveling to India. I'll be interning at a music magazine in Bangalore for six weeks, and hopefully traveling up to see family friends in New Delhi at the end of that stretch.

I don't know that much about India other then what I've accumulated in various books and breathy Discovery Channel documentaries. I've certainly heard about it, though. My grandparents and my mother both love India and have visited on multiple occasions - you hear enough about the sandalwood scented boats of Kashmir and the Taj Mahal and snake charmers and giant monkeys and you'll want to visit somewhere too (if only out of curiosity.) I can't say I have any expectations about what I'll find other then that it will probably be noisy and crazy and overwhelming. (More so then Beijing? Who knows.)

Thankfully, I adore Indian food, so at least I won't starve to death. Unless I get a deadly gastric bug and must be med-evacaed home in a helicopter where I will be profiled on CNN as the first American victim of Flaming Delhi Belly. I will keep y'all posted.

I leave on the 29th on Virgin Atlantic. I hear they have videogames. Sweet.